New Airport Terminal Building - Funafuti International Airport 

AUD 6,319,325.97

Consultant: AECOM New Zealand

Contractor: Reeves International PTY Limited, Australia

The new Funafuti Terminal Building was offically opened in March 2018.  The airport is uniquely centred in the main town center, it services up to three ATR-72 flights per week from Suva, with other periodic weekly flights from Tarawa.  The building is designed to provide efficient passenger processing and customs facilities during aircraft operations.  When it is not being used for airport operations, the building spaces have been designed to accomodate conferences, public meetings and other general uses to make use of a facility of such a size.  The building also boasts the distinction of a terminal that has a large water reservoir beneath the main floor, collecting water from its large roof providing capacity for water storage for the public water reserve.  The building designers made use of passive design principles to reduce the energy footprint and use of the building without the need for airconditioning in the tropical climate. The structure was built from sustainable timber glulam to make use of natural materials and respond to the marine environment.

IMG 9854

MCT Staff in front of the new terminal

IMG 9826


New Flight Service Station & ARFF Building

USD 1,032,235.21

Consultant: AECOM New Zealand

Design & Build Contractor: Reeves International PTY Limited, Australia

The Flight Service Tower Building was offically opened in July 2018 and is now home to the Flight Service Team and the new ARFF vehicle/Airport Rescue Fire Team.  This multipurpose building has also incorporated space for storage of the airport maintenance equipment bringing all airport services into a single, modular hub.  ADS-B

IMG 2451

New Flight Service Tower & ARFF Building

Supply & Delivery of Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicle 

USD 521,802.65

Supplier: Firetrucks Unlimited, USA

Oshkosh T1500 ARFF vehicle was remanufactured, supplied and shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to Funafuti in February 2017.

s 1443 tuvalu oshkosh t1500 arff refurbishment 04


Funafuti International Airport Pavements & Tuvalu Road Network Improvements

AUD 8,184,263

Consultant: AECOM New Zealand

Contractor: McConnell Dowell Constructors Pty Australia Limited, Australia

Resurfacing of the existing Funafuti runway, taxiway and apron with a three coat chipseal.  The project also included the resurfacing and improvements for the 15km of roads on the main atoll.

IMG 6526